Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer is the Key to Winning a Car Accident Claim

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer is the Key to Winning a Car Accident Claim

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer with Industry Knowledge Is the Key to Winning a Car Accident Claim

Road accidents happen daily. Drivers are in a rush to get to work or to get their children to school. Construction causes road closures. Highways are crowded, which leads to frustration and impatience. The result: motor vehicle collisions are on the rise.
We Canadians are renowned for our politeness. While courtesy is to be applauded in social situations, "I’m sorry” are two words you shouldn’t say when you are involved in a car accident. If "sorry” is expressed to the other driver, the insurers, emergency personnel or witnesses, it can be twisted into an admission of being partly or wholly At-Fault.
No matter who is at-fault, you are entitled to benefits provided through your insurance policy. 

If There Is a Standard Method of Seeking a Claim, Why Involve a Lawyer?


1) You may not know your full rights, particularly if you are determined by the Insurer to be partly or wholly at fault.

2) You may not be aware of Statutes of Limitations outlined for different types of injury claims.

3) You may have sustained an injury, which may make it difficult for you to advocate for yourself.

4) You may find it a challenge to understand the jargon and terminology of your insurance policy and forms.

5) Your fluency is not strong enough in written or spoken English.

6) You may only be thinking about the short-term effects of your injury and/or property damage, while there may actually be long-term considerations to be weighed.


The issue of cost should not be a concern, as most top personal injury lawyers work on contingency and are only paid upon winning a car accident claim. With regards to English, some respected boutique law firms possess a multilingual staff or can arrange for a translator.


How You Can Help Yourself


A sudden car accident is a frightening, out of control situation. You may be injured, disoriented and wondering if other passengers are okay. It is difficult to try to keep a clear head. But, like the rote pattern of always buckling your seatbelt or checking over your shoulder before changing lanes, you should make knowing what to do when in a car accident automatic.

  • Remain on the scene.
  • Ensure that you and others receive medical attention.
  • Stay calm and do not assign others or yourself blame for the accident.
  • Get the other driver’s information, including driver’s license number, the vehicle make and plate, and insurance policy details.
  • If there are injuries and/or damage, contact 911. A police report may be necessary when filing an accident claim.
  • If you are able, take photographs and get witnesses to corroborate the events.
  • Before submitting a claim to your insurer, contact a lawyer, who can advise you on your policy’s terms. Do not assume that your Insurer will be fully forthcoming.
It is true that winning a car accident claim won’t "fix” what may become a long-term disability or confinement. However, it will help ease the material suffering caused to you and/or your family. Your physical, psychological and financial future depend on the best outcome possible, which is why the first step to winning a car accident claim is to consult with a lawyer.